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Cross country has progressed – the descents are steeper, the climbs more technical and man-made obstacles such as rock gardens, berms and drops set new requirements for rider and machine. The F 232 ONE is engineered to meet those demands. The topology-optimised lower results in a benchmark stiffness-to-weight ratio. Combined with the XC-optimised LINEAIR spring curve and the three-position INCONTROL damping, the F 232 ONE is ready to chase – whether for a podium or a personal best.




Compression damping is defined by the amount of oil which can flow in different channels. The smaller the channels, the higher the flow resistance and the higher the damping. INCONTROL damping provides three on-the-fly damping adjustments offering the perfect compression tune for every riding situation by opening and closing different channels.



The F 232 ONE sets a new benchmark in stiffness-to weight ratio by using topology optimised design, a method that optimises the layout of materials within a design space for a specific set of loads and constraints. The method removes material wherever it is not necessary resulting in the ideal ratio between stiffness and weight to maximise the performance of the system.




LINEAIR is a dual-air chamber system. Through the size of the air chambers and position of the bypass, the characteristic of the spring curve is specifically tuned to meet the needs of XC riders. A low breakaway force for traction, a linear but flatter mid-stroke section that allows you to float over root carpets and an end progression to eat the big hits. The APT (Adaptable Progression Tune) system allows the rider to adjust the progression of the air spring curve by adding or removing volume spacers in the fork’s air chamber. This enables riders to adjust their spring curve to their riding style and the trails they are riding. The beauty of the system lies in the fact that the fork’s suppleness is unaffected, regardless of the setting chosen.

(w/o Axle, 230mm steerer)
1,480 g (29 100 mm Remote)
1,510 g (29 110 mm Remote)
Travel 100mm, 110mm, 120mm
Dropout 15/110 mm
Spring System LINEAIR
XC optimised spring curve
Damping System INCONTROL
Adjustable compression
Adjustable rebound
Actuation Remote or lever
Stanchions Diameter 32 mm
Offset 51 mm
Material Magnesium lower
Aluminium crown and steerer
Accessories Fender, Brake hose clamps, 2in1 Remote Lever, Black (Remote versions only), Star nut set black, RWS (Rod only), APT Spacer
Intended Use XC

1 Weight ± 3%, lightest combination without RWS, remote lever, fender, and steerer expander. RWS weight 65g, remote lever 26g.

2 Patent pending

RIDE HEIGHT ± 3mm (mm) 100mm travel - 507 mm
110mm travel - 517 mm
120mm travel - 527 mm
FORK OFFSET (mm) 51 mm
MAX. TYRE DIAMETER (mm) 750 mm
MAX. TYRE WIDTH (mm) 73 mm
STEERER DIAMETER Tapered 1.5 - 11/8”
TRAVEL 100 mm

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