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Are you the type of person who on Monday morning is still daydreaming about the weekend’s ride, drifting into berms, pumping the trail and looking for the fastest line through the rock gardens? Then the F 535 ONE is the fork for you. The combination of coil and air springs and position sensitive damping gives you everything you could want from a fork for uncompromising riding. The more the fork compresses, the more compression damping you get, staying supple for ultimate traction and firming up to give you the mid stroke support when things get gnarly!




What it does: As a world first in cycling, with PLUSHPORT you get a damping system with position-sensitive compression in the low/high speed circuit. This simply means that the harder you push, the more stable your bike will react. Plush for chatter, full control when charging.

An entirely speed-dependent damping system either generates a force which is too low in the mid-stroke or too high in the beginning stroke. PLUSHPORT adds a new dimension, travel, to the common system and generates the right force in every stroke. With PLUSHPORT, you get small bump sensitivity and mid-stroke support.
PLUSHPORT is an opening in the low-speed compression circuit which allows for nearly zero compression damping in the first couple of centimetres. It is slowly closed by a floating piston, ramping up the compression damping the further you go into the travel.



COILPAIR combines a coil spring with an air spring system to provide the best of both worlds. Due to the zero friction of the coil spring, it compresses before the air spring piston even starts to move, providing real coil sensitivity. The high-end LINEAIR system is not only lightweight, it also features the much appreciated bottom-out resistance of an air spring.




The heart of our suspension system. Precision, full alloy internals and a semi-open design define the core characteristics of INCONTROL: Exceptional performance and reliability.




LINEAIR is an air-spring system engineered with Swiss precision down to the tiniest detail.


  27.5" 29"
Weight 2020 g1 2090 g1
Travel 130-160mm 130-160mm
Dropout 15/110 mm
Fork Slider Colour Matte black
Fork Slider Material Magnesium
Spring System LINEAIR
Actuation Lever
Stanchions Diameter 35 mm
Steerer Diameter Tapered 1.5
Steerer Material Aluminium
Accessories RWS 15/110 mm Thru Axle incl. Setup-Tool (T10 Torx), Fender, 1 volume spacer, 3 brake hose clamps, service kit, star nut and top cap set
Intended Use All mountain

1 Weight ± 3%, lightest combination without RWS, remote lever, fender, and steerer expander. RWS weight 65g, remote lever 26g.

2 Patent pending

    27.5” 29” / 27.5+
RIDE HEIGHT ± 3mm (mm) 130mm
FORK OFFSET (mm)   44 51
MAX. TYRE DIAMETER (mm)   727 760 / 736
DIAMETER (D) AT MAX. TYRE WIDTH (E) (mm)   694 730 / 705
MAX. TYRE WIDTH (mm)   75 75 / 77
MAX. TYRE SIZE1 (inches)   2.8 2.8 / 3.0
MAX. DISC DIAMETER (mm)   203 203

1 Important notice for 27.5 fork sizes:
For tyres bigger than 27.5 x 2.5”, a minimum clearance of 6mm between tyre and crown or lower must be ensured when the fork is fully compressed.
Important notice for 29 fork sizes:
For tyres bigger than 29 x 2.5” or 27.5 x 2.6”, a minimum clearance of 6 mm between tyre and crown or lower must be ensured when the fork is fully compressed.

Important notice for all fork sizes!
If the DT Swiss fender is used, the tyre clearance (and therefore
the max. tyre size) will be reduced by approximately 3mm.
Make sure that in all conditions (incl. fully compressed fork)
a minimum tyre clearance of 6 mm between tyre and fork parts
is ensured.

Brand DT Swiss

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